Designing the Self

Designing the Self

Termín: 17. september 2019 (utorok), 19:00
Miesto: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Stubenring 5, Vienna, Austria

Keynote and panel discussion in the context of the MAK FUTURE LAB

Throughout human cultural history, the human body has been subject to design. Agency, self-empowerment, and self-design are essential to us. Here, in particular, design is not only present in the material world but is also more and more interfering with the realms of the invisible and immaterial. Nanotechnology and biotechnology are getting under our skin. Designed organs, directed bacteria, manipulated genes, or implanted chips prompt us to reflect on the ethical boundaries between aid and self-optimization.

Giulia Tomasello, Interaction Designer and Researcher
Sonja Bäumel, Artist and Designer
followed by a podium discussion moderated by Katharina Mischer, Designer (mischer’traxler studio) and VIENNNA BIENNALE Curator

The panel will take place in English.
Admission € 5: The ticket also grants access to all exhibitions of the MAK on that evening.
MAK Lecture Hall

Lecture and conversation in context of the MAK FUTURE LAB, financially supported by the EU program Interreg V-A Slovakia–Austria (Project “Design & Innovation”).

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